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Indie.Film is based in Atlanta, a major film and television hub. When presented with the question of how to showcase our own screenplays, we wanted an entity that was more than just a brand. That is how Indie.Film was formed.

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We have just completed filming of “An AI Story – To Be or Not to Be”. Starring Kinzie Correll, Jeff Hathcoat, and Amir Mahdavi, we believe this film speaks an important message regarding AI technology. That is what inspired us to make this this film!

A robotic scientist has built a humanoid robot that has been tasked with an important humanitarian mission. For the robot to be more convincing, the robotic scientist has hired a drama instructor to teach the robot how to be more human-like… that is until the instructor encounters an ethical dilemma.

The 18-minute film is directed and produced by Steve Halpern, and written by Fred Kempner. The film is now available on Apple TV and Google TV. However, if you do not subscribe to these services, or are a film buff and simply want to see this film,  we may be able to set you up a virtual private screening (click the button below).

What is Indie.Film?

There are many players within the film industry... actors, producers, directors, writers, camera and sound engineers, and more. The ability to create content is more than ever within everyone's reach. Indie.Film's aim is to produce and participate in the creation of independent films, and also become a resource to bring writers and film crew together. Indie.Film is not a typical film studio... our vision is to be an avenue for participants to travel on, and to make unique and amazing films happen

Editing “An AI Story – To Be or Not to Be” is complete! Well, it feels like an editors job is never complete :-). Davinci...

An AI Story – To Be or Not to Be began shooting on Sept. 9, 2023. Under the creative eye of cinematographer Bridget LaMonica, cast...

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