A Creative Crew

Meet The Team

As the visionary founder of Noxe, Adam's passion for storytelling and dedication to cinematic excellence laid the foundation for the company's success.

Adam Hansen

Elisa's meticulous approach and creative sensibilities make her an invaluable member of the team, shaping the narrative flow and emotional impact of each film.

Elisa Velasques

Kevin's expertise in crafting compelling visual experiences brings depth and resonance to the films, captivating audiences with his artistic vision.

Kevin James

James's technical skills and innovative mindset drive the development of cutting-edge solutions that enhance the cinematic experience.

James Calvin

Barbara's extensive industry knowledge and strong leadership skills make her instrumental in orchestrating the production process, ensuring seamless execution.

Barbara J. Collins

Bernard's artistic vision and storytelling prowess shine through in his direction, guiding actors and crew to create memorable cinematic moments.

Bernard Williams

Rosa's keen eye for detail and storytelling finesse shape the films into captivating narratives, capturing the essence of each story.

Rosa Fincher
Movie Editor

Alan's expertise in software development and technological innovation contribute to creating immersive digital experiences for audiences.

Alan E. Phillips

Burçak's technical acumen and passion for innovation drive the development of cutting-edge tools and platforms, enriching the cinematic experience for viewers.

Burçak Gökbörü
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